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This small village accommodates a population of around 700 people. They are largely immigrants from Nepal who came and settled here in the hope of a better future. There is an Indian Army base at Dzuluk, which has been used as a transit camp for the army movement to the Indo-Chinese border nearby. Due to poor quality of the soil and vagaries of weather, farming is well nigh impossible. Neither is there any possibility for cattle rearing as an occupation; most of the land is fenced and military-controlled, making it unfit for grazing. Construction and road maintenance are the only livelihoods.


Nathang Valley looks beautiful in every season, so you can visit the place from June to September when the valley is veiled behind wild flowers. From September to January, the valley gains back a golden hue after the snow thaws from the grassland. From January to April the valley remains under the cover of snow, so if you are looking forward to experience snowfall in winter, this is the ideal time for you.


Reshikhola is a riverside destination just 37 km from Kalimpong and very near to Pedong. The little village of Reshikhola received its name from the Reshi River running along this small place. In Nepali language ‘Khola’ means ‘small stream’. The place falls in between West Bengal and Sikkim creating a division between the two states. Like all other rivulets crisscrossing the sub-Himalayan range, the Reshi river coast is strewn with rocks and boulders with stream waters gushing around them. The river valley is surrounded by forests which are home to numerous birds and occasional bigger visitors like bears. Some basic homestays with nice modern facilities have come up along the Reshi riverside. These homestays overlook the river and promote eco-tourism where tourists can enjoy fresh caught fish and short treks around the forests. Reshi River is also believed to be a part of a popular travel route where, caravans used to stop for water. However, any existence of the Old Silk Route here is not proven.


Looking for a quaint sleepy hamlet in the mountains with abounding nature, laid-back village life and magnificent views of Himalayan range including Kanchenjunga peaks? Then Sillery gaon might be the answer for you. Sillery Gaon is only 23kms away from Kalimpong and located at an altitude of around 6,000ft in Kalimpong sub-division. A narrow winding gravel road bifurcates from the road that leads to Pedong, then winds through a forested land offering wonderful glimpses of Kanchenjunga and finally leads up to this dreamy village with only 45 odd families.
The cottage-type houses with slanting tinned roofs having a backdrop of pine forest looks so mystic and picturesque. The name Sillery comes from an edible green known as ‘Sillery Saag’ which once used to be cultured and harvested here by the villagers and sold in the  market.


Rishop is suitable for a one-day stint at best. There is no city/town life here, just a small village with spectacular views of the third largest mountain peak of the world (Kanchenjungha) and its range. So expect just that – plan your vacation keeping in mind the full moon, and reach Rishop by evening. At night with limited artificial light, the hamlet looks heavenly in moonlight – almost every lodge will have an open courtyard where you can sit in open air and relax. Lights of the small villages on the opposite hill add to the beauty at night.

If you are lucky and there is no cloud between you and Kanchenjungha, then you are in for the most memorable visual of your life! In case you happen to be an amateur astronomer, then the clear sky of Rishop will add significantly to your experience.